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Toshiba Satellite L15-S104 Laptop

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The specs for Satellite L15-S104 comes in these configurations with a retail tag. The configuration Toshiba provides comes with a Chipset: Intel 855 , .

This Toshiba portable computer will take up to one GB ram, with a hard and fast quantity of 256 MB (Removable ) put in PC2700 DDR SODIMM 200pin memory..

This full-featured thought portable computer enhances the previous generation Toshiba models with the chipsets and new levels of customization. Get the simplest expertise on your Toshiba Satellite L15-S104 portable computer with improved performance, create it simple to make a home network and share all of your favorite things.

The specs of portable computer shows full configuration data. The Satellite L15-S104 is meant for users WHO need most performance in an exceedingly thought portable computer. Even with its type issue style, the Satellite L15-S104 does not skimp on performance providing the best mix of power and potency. The Satellite L15-S104 is certain to depart an enduring impression with its simple to use and slim style. placed on the facet of the unit, the standard bay's innovative latch is meant for simple insertion and removal of the assorted module choices.
The Satellite L15-S104 portable computer solely supports Chipset: Intel 855 . The Satellite L15-S104 options 2 on-board knowledge caches for transferring data to and from the processor. These caches square measure called the L1 and L2 caches. The Satellite L15-S104 L1 cache is sixty four kilobytes in size, whereas its L2 cache is rated at either one or 2 megabytes.

When you have a transparent plan of that portable computer most closely fits your desires, check for its specifications. because the Satellite L15-S104 is supported by Toshiba, check if the portable computer has full support and warranties by its manufacturer, like Satellite L15-S104 specs you'll have many choices from the portable computer manufacturer to decide on from, just like the portable computer processor, Laptop RAM, its graphics capability, portable computer show choices and specs, and alternative options that the portable computer provides. you must have an inspiration on what specs wish|you would like|you wish} from your portable computer and what specs you are doing not want on your portable computer, choosing portable computer specs could also be troublesome task to try and do however just like the Satellite L15-S104 specs have, it's essential to choosing a portable computer you wish at a tag that it deserves which you'll be able to afford.

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Network Drivers
Toshiba Speech System for Windows XP
RealTek LAN Driver for Windows XP
Inprocomm Wireless LAN Driver for Windows XP

Audio Driver

Conexant Audio Driver for Windows XP
Toshiba Speech System for Windows XP                        

Mouse Input and Keyboard Drivers

TOSHIBA TouchPad On/Off Utility for Windows XP

Graphics drivers

Toshiba Zooming Utility for Windows XP/2000

Bios drivers
ACPI Flash BIOS version 3.00 for Satellite L15
ACPI Flash BIOS version 2.80 for Satellite L15
ACPI Flash BIOS version 2.0 for Satellite L15
Other Drivers 
Toshiba Software Upgrades for Windows XP